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About Harding’s Services Inc.

At Harding’s we are striving through training and feedback from our clients to continuously improve our service and service selection. Our Mission and Vision statements outline what we are working everyday to achieve. We value the trust our clients and our staff have put in the company and we expect to re-earn that trust each and every time we do business.

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

“By owning and sharing a common brand we establish a team of the most recognized and trusted group of home and building improvement trades across the country”

Vision Statement

“As the industry leader we strive to enrich the lives of clients, personnel and partners”

Our History

Harding’s Painting was founded in 1996. Our founder Dalton Harding realized that there was a need for a painting company that presented a professional image and delivered a consistently high quality end product.

The company adopted an early slogan of “Peace of Mind Solutions” to embody the belief of its licensees and painters of providing a worry-free service at a competitive price.

As the company has grown, the goals and ideals put in place by Dalton in 1996 are still very much evident.

The company grew under Dalton’s leadership over the years, taking on new licensees and expanding the range of services until 2011 when Dalton opened up ownership opportunities to its Licensee team. Dalton acted as Chairman of Harding’s during this transition period, allowing the management team to grow the company into the multi-service company it is today offering not only painting, but now include ceiling texturing, renovations and handyman services.

Our Future

Chris & Leah Policarpo Franchise Partners – Kelowna

The introduction of our Managing Partner in 2017, Rob Hilditch, has us growing into a franchise system. Our first location outside of  Alberta was in Painting and Handyman Services in Kelowna, BC in early 2019. With locations opening in 2024 in Red Deer, Ab, Edmonton, AB and the Lower Mainland.

Rob has deep connections to the Okanagan and likes to use Harding’s as an excuse to visit his parents in Penticton and his brothers Kelowna and Summerland. Rob also felt it was integral to our growth strategy to have a ‘local guy’ in the marketplace that could identify with its uniqueness as a market. Therefore, our Central Okanagan Licensee, Chris Policarpo and his partner also have deep connections with the Okanagan Valley. Chris worked as a painter in the Harding’s system for many years before opening the Kelowna location. Chris’ partner is from Winfield and works locally in Health Care while Chris takes on the day-to-day operations of the Harding’s Painting and Handyman Franchise from their base in Lake Country.

Our Promise – Warranty Information

  • Handyman: 1 year warranty on labour, manufacturers warranty’s reflective of the specific product through the specific manufacturer on products supplied by the Handyman Division. There is no warranty on Client provided materials. Our warranty excludes normal workmanship defects defined as natural imperfections visible only by close inspection at a distance of 36” or less and natural curing cracks of caulk, grout, and concrete.
  • Painting: (2/5 YEAR WARRANTY)

    Subject to the limitations set forth below, Harding’s Services Inc. – Painting Division will repair peeling, blistering or chipping paint as a result from defective product applied by Harding’s or faulty workmanship of Harding’s for a 24 month period on exterior work and 60 months on interior work.

    The fine print: the limited warranty does not cover the following:

    • Any work where the contractor did not supply the paint.
    • Any work where the customer performed the preparation.
    • Varnished surfaces.
    • Due to the nature of these surfaces/products the Limited Warranty does not cover: window sills, decks, railings, stairs, fences, porches, roofs, galvanized metal, eavestroughs and textured ceilings, or where mildew/mold has been established.
    • Bleeding, bubbling or de-lamination caused by knots, rust or cedar.
    • Cracks or any other defects in the substrate.
    • Mill-glazing from smooth cedar.
    • Ordinary wear and tear. Abnormal use or miss use.
    • Peeling of layers of paint existing prior to the work of the contractor.
    • Structural defects and/or settling or movement.
    • Moisture content of the substrate.
    • Abrasion, mechanical damage, abrasive cleaning, abuse, or damage resulting from use of chemicals or cleaning agents.
    • Damage or defects caused in whole or in part by reason of fire, explosion, flood, acts of God, extreme weather conditions, hail, vandalism, negligence or any other similar causes beyond the control of the contractor.
    • Any repairs which are required, as a result of a defect in the paint supplied by Harding’s will be reviewed with the product manufacturer to ensure warranty coverage

    *Repairs under the limited warranty will be performed only on the specific areas of failure and only to standard preparation limits described in the preparation section of your contract.