I found this great article on why and when you should consider to NOT do it yourself. It aligns perfectly with our Ditch the DiY mantra here at Harding’s.

Far too many times people think they are saving money by doing it themselves. Granted there is a satisfaction in completing a job yourself, no doubt, but at what cost? Check out the article in the link below, but also consider these items when considering your DiY project.

  • What tools do you need to rent or buy for the project?
  • How much time will it ‘actually’ take?
    Remember travel time to and from the hardware store for tools, advice, materials, damn it you forgot screws!
    Preparation is key, have you masked off painting areas, how much time will that take?
    Demolition, have you considered Asbestos? Lead?
    Material waste management? Where, when and how are you getting all the demo materials and waste to the dump? Can you even take all of your waste to the dump?
    Materials selection; do you have the experience to know which materials are needed where? How much time will watching those YouTube videos take?
    Experience in the vocation you are taking on? This is the big one. Lots of people can watch videos and think they can handle the project but are you familiar with the tools, the trade and the actual work. Check those grout lines!
    As a DiY’er, the old adage of measure twice cut once, is more like measure 13 times and cut it 4 separate times with 3 extra pieces of material.

These are just a few of the many things to consider when taking on a DiY project. Gratification in completing a project is awesome, unless your spouse gives you gears for the next 10 years on those grout lines!

Here’s that link to why you should Ditch the DiY!

Rob Hilditch, President of Harding’s – Your Improvement Company.